Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New interest!!Action Figure Figutto! MECHANICALS Armored Core Series!

 Over the years I've wished for an Armored Core figure that I can use play with without the fear of breaking it. Most of you might not know this but I'm an Armored Core Veteran. I've played all the games, including mobile phone versions. I love it as much as I love Gundam, even greater! If there was a Robot Damashii version of AC, I would have collected them instead of Gundam. Just recently, I found out that there's gonna be an action figure of AC, and I was overjoyed!

Griffon Enterprises: Figutto! Mechanicals toyline will include the Armored core series, Ninebreaker being the first of the line.

The figures will be released somewhere in mid 2011. Damn I can't wait! Expect to see some AC stop motion action by then =)

Images seen on CyberGundam

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