Saturday, October 23, 2010

Beam saber Tutorial

I really had fun making this tutorial, even though I was so tired, I can't pull myself out of my desk and sleep. For this tutorial, we'll teach you how to animate beam sabers the "Anaheim hobby" way! 

To imitate this style of  animation, you'll need the following:
lol, just watch the video so you'll understand =)


  1. Awesome tutorial =D

    by the way may i ask that is it possible to pull off all these stunts you did so far in our your videos with a HG kit?

    You see i don't own any Msia or Robot Damashii figure and in most of your videos you use them plus these figure are more expensive compare to HG kits. like for 1 robot damashii figure you can actually get 2 HG 00 kits.

  2. Yeah, it's quite possible. But an HG, being a plastic model, might break at some point so there's a risk in using them. Msia's are the most cheapest though, you can buy one for $10 =)

  3. How did you get some bent beam saber because in the HG there is only straight one ?
    Also, what program do you use ?

  4. I forced them to bend lol I use MSIA and Robot Damashii's beam sabers by the way. Or you could also try boiling them in hot water then bend it yourself while they're hot =)

  5. Could you make a tutorial for when you put the light when the MS is too far ? See what I mean ?

  6. Yeah sure, I'll do it once I have free time =)